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We have the installed capacity of 638 lines active and easily scale over 2300 if needed! Here are just some of the things G.M.R.S. can do for you

Political Calls

Political Polls

Polling is one of the most widely used and dependable tools for learning about voter attitudes. We've been conducting this kind of research since our company's beginning and our experience in this arena speaks for itself. Our staff is fully trained on how to maintain a neutral attitude while interviewing, and because we understand the fast-paced environment in which our clients work, we can provide a very quick turnaround on top-lines and data.

Voter Contact Services

G.M.R.S. can assist you with a strategic plan for getting your message out to the voters. We can combine several of our services, such as Patch calls, to interact with your audience in a variety of ways.

Advocacy Campaigns

G.M.R.S. can dial from your targeted list or generate a random sample to contact constituents for the purpose of conducting a patch, or a live transfer telephone call to a targeted elected official or bureaucrat. These individuals are recruited to endorse or oppose specific issues and to motivate or try to persuade the elected official to change his or her mind, or vote a certain way.

G.M.R.S. has 16 lines dedicated to inbound calls, with the ability to upscale on a per project basis. Our staff is available to accept calls from 9:00 AM and 10:30 PM EST.

Data Processing

Verbatim Coding

Our experienced coding team can provide various services related to verbatim questions:

  • We can create a coding framework for your project
  • We can code based on a coding framework that you provide
  • We can edit verbatim responses
  • The codes can be appended to the close ended data for tabulation reports
  • Upcoding of other specify responses

Tabulation Reports

We can create custom tabulation reports once your survey is out of the field.

Data Conversion

Do your need your data in a particular format? We can provide you with copies of your data in various formats including flat text, column and tab delimited, Excel, SPSS sav format, WinCross, and CfMC's tr data format.

Data Blending

We can put data together from various sources including phone and web surveys, in person interviews, or from different vendors and with differing data structures.


Text To Web

G.M.R.S. offers text (SMS) to web (T2W) surveys. Texting links provides more avenues for busy folks to take our surveys. Adding texting for your surveys can improve response rate, provide a more accurate representation of the population, and reduce the length of time it takes to complete studies. We also offer text introductions. A text introduction is where we introduce ourselves to the respondent giving them comfort and trust before we call them to complete the survey. This will improve cellular response rates and provide better respondent satisfaction. Our texting services are compliant to the TCPA requiring human interaction to send each and every one.

Business & Consumer

Consumer Surveys

Over the years we have conducted thousands of consumer polls on a broad range of topics including banking, cable services, restaurants and virtually any other product or service imaginable. You can rely on our trained interviewers to leave the respondents from your customer list with a positive impression because we treat each respondent with the utmost courtesy and respect. We also have extensive experience dialing from RDD samples and we are well-versed in the practices that increase cooperation.

Business to Business Surveys

Conducting telephone interviews among businesses can present a challenge because it's difficult for respondents to find the time to take a survey during the workday. G.M.R.S.' dialing software makes attempts at different times of day and has the capability to make scheduled callbacks to increase the likelihood of reaching a respondent at a time that is convenient for them. We also have dedicated inbound phone lines that can be used if you wish to provide callback number on faxed or emailed survey invitations. G.M.R.S. has conducted hundreds of B2B surveys over the years and we will work with you to get the response you need.

Web Surveys

G.M.R.S. is capable of building, fielding and processing online surveys using our own custom designed survey engine. We have built the ability to use all of the tools and features that you would want on a C.A.T.I. study; rotate series of questions, rotate response lists, skip questions, split sample, quota control, include or exclude responses based on a previous question, et cetera. Additionally, we can display the multitude of audio and visual content that the internet allows, including the ability to display images, play audio files, play video files, do a presentation, have a respondent download documents or programs, or do just about anything you have ever seen or can dream of. We can also use our online survey system in conjunction with our C.A.T.I. system, allowing you to combine the data from those two audiences for even more in-depth analysis.

Medical Professional Surveys and Recruitment

Surveys among doctors and medical professionals have traditionally been costly and time consuming to conduct, but we offer extremely competitive pricing for these services. By altering our approach and sending faxed invitations with an inbound number, the professionals may call at their convenience. Thus we can reduce the cost of conducting your medical survey and decrease the time it takes to reach your quota.

Focus Group Recruitment

We can recruit panel members for your focus group by phone, conduct reminder calls and mail maps and materials to your recruits.

Inbound Calls

G.M.R.S. has 16 lines dedicated to inbound calls, with the ability to upscale on a per project basis. Our staff is available to accept calls from 9:00 AM and 10:30 PM EST.

Our Staff

Anthony Diana – President

Anthony Diana is a marketing and business development manager with over 20 years of experience in various areas, including market research, property management, food services/restaurant, entertainment promotions, and film/professional photography. His qualifications even extend to natural disasters and public insurance adjusting.

Over the years, Anthony has continuously developed professionally by completing numerous courses in management-oriented applications of computer systems, marketing, business, quantitative and qualitative research, recruiting methods, and ethnic research implications in these ever changing times.

Throughout his career, Anthony has developed an expertise in marketing planning, business development, plans/programming, budgeting/funding and personnel management.

Anthony's responsibilities include the areas of marketing strategy development, business development plans, funding/budgeting approaches, and organizational structures. His work concentrates on emerging approaches to optimum data collection and dissemination.

Brian Cerve – Chief Technology Officer

Brian Cerve has worked at GMRS since 1992, beginning in Marathon, FL as an interviewer. He then worked through the ranks as a supervisor, project manager, IT manager, and finally CTO. The combination of all these positions has provided for a sound foundation for the data collection process, a plethora of knowledge on project fielding and management, an understanding of the detailed needs of our clients, extensive technological experience, and outstanding creative design abilities.

During his employment, he has learned many business applications from DOS' Edlin to Microsoft Office, PC repair, operating systems, network administration, and telephony hardware and software. G.M.R.S.' training flexibility and options have enabled him to gain immeasurable knowledge.

His training and education include CfMC's Mentor and Survent, CCM, an AA degree, an AS degree in networking, and a BS degree in Information Systems Technology from the University of Central Florida. He also has certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, and Comptia. When not working he enjoys time with his family as well as focusing on his interests in electronics, missionary work, and his church.

Adriana Tavares – Senior Programmer and Project Manager

Adriana "Ali" Tavares has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Marketing major from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Cali, Cololombia. She graduated in 1992 and has been with Global Marketing Research in Atlanta since 1993. She was initially employed as a telephone researcher, later receiving hands-on training in computer programming involving surveys.

Her background includes experience in Marketing Research, Advertising, Public Relations, Statistics, Computer Utilization, Customer Service, Staff Coordination and extensive Problem Solving. She is fully experienced in programming tables/tabulations for research/polling projects. She has extensive training in CfMC programming for CATI interviewing and running tabulations in Mentor. She is fully bilingual; she speaks, reads and writes in Spanish with total fluency.

Molly Adams – Senior Project Manager

Ms. Adams has over 20 years experience in virtually every aspect of quantitative market research data collection, 16 of those years with GMRS; from hands on field supervision and office management, to project management, computer programming and data processing. Molly has a proven record of excellence in a wide variety of market research projects varying from political polling to surveys for business and consumer products and services.

Client satisfaction is always the number one priority. She is always available for in person consultations by appointment to coordinate any of her client's project needs.

An Akron, Ohio native, Molly has been enjoying Southern living since relocating to Atlanta from Los Angeles in 1990. Molly currently lives with her family and pets in West Georgia.

Lisa Straney – Director of Operations & Compliance

Lisa Straney started at GMRS as an interviewer in 1995. After college and a few other career endeavors, she returned to GMRS as a supervisor in 2010. She currently handles the compliance of the company, coding, and is the direct manager over the supervisors. She is continuing her education, looking to improve her skills and develop her abilities as a business manager. BAS in Business Organization Management.

Straney is a Floridian, born and raised in Melbourne. She currently lives with her two dogs, Molly and Bella. She enjoys the geekier side of life and spending time with her nieces and nephew.

Sumaita Nazrul – Project Manager

Sumaita Nazrul, an accomplished professional, joined GMRS in 2023 after completing her MBA at Florida Institute of Technology. During her time at Florida Tech, Sumaita excelled as an Alumni Philanthropy Specialist, where she served as a university ambassador, managed alumni databases, and contributed to communication strategies. Prior to Florida Tech, she gained skills in Microsoft Power BI and Excel in the Master of Technology program at the University of Central Missouri. Sumaita holds a bachelor's degree in accounting from Western Sydney University, where she mentored students in the Peer Mentoring Program. Beyond her career, she enjoys reading, watching movies, and traveling. Sumaita brings a wealth of experience, adaptability, and a global perspective to GMRS, contributing to the company's ongoing success.

John Giammarino – Call Center Manager

John Giammarino has worked at GMRS since 2011, beginning as an interviewer. He then worked through the ranks as a supervisor, and now project manager. During his employment, he has gained a vast knowledge on project fielding and management. John is driven and relentless when it comes to delivering superlative results. During his free time John enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends, working out in the gym, and watching his favorite sports teams on TV.

Eina Zavalla – Bookkeeper

Eina Zavalla has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, majoring in Interior Design. She briefly practiced her degree before she was enticed to work for an international airline company, and quickly realized that she liked traveling and did this for 5 years. While on one of her adventures she met her husband, and finally settled in Melbourne, Florida. While residing in Melbourne, she worked for several financial institutions for a total of 23 years. Her banking and financial experience made her a candidate for the bookkeeping position, handling the account payables and receivables at G.M.R.S.

In Eina’s spare time that starts at 5:00 am, she hits the gym or the pavement for at least a 3 miler. She loves reading contemporary romance novels for hours while on the treadmill or Stairmaster. Eina is also very fond of baking and dancing since she has 13 years of classical ballet training. Traveling is essential, and her most memorable ones are the ones spent together with her husband, daughter, sister and two nieces.

Asia Wright - Human Resources Director

Asia started as a phone interviewer in 2004 and then became a supervisor. Her role involved, and she later became call center manager. She currently handles the work-from-home recruitment process and various management responsibilities. Asia is born and raised in Melbourne, FL. When she's not working, she enjoys spending time with her son, traveling, and watching Netflix.



The phone room at G.M.R.S. is equipped with a total of 206 stations all with predictive capabilities. For optimal call quality, our phone calls utilize symmetrical high-speed low-latency enterprise class fiber optic. We leverage Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) with one of the largest worldwide carriers. In total, we have the installed capacity of 638 lines active and easily scale over 2300 if needed.

Our dialing system features full predictive capabilities at every station. We also provide classic manual dialing in order to maintain compliance with FCC and Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) rules.

Custom Applications

G.M.R.S. has flexible vendors and staff that take can full advantage of the interviewing software and telephony hardware. For example, we have created custom software solutions for elaborate inbound projects as well as advanced database integration for patch and conference calling.

Our web survey software is a custom package maintained in house. We have in-house staff with the knowledge to customize the network to work with other vendor’s software. With internally maintained survey software there are endless possibilities. We also utilize Survox, formerly CfMC, data processing software to generate industry standard reports and provide advanced tables. Survox’s deep history in Market Research software enables us to tackle even the most difficult data processing jobs. All of our interviewing stations have controlled Internet access. If clients have their survey pre-programmed in their own software and it’s either web-based or a Windows application, we can utilize it to conduct web surveys. We can play audio clips to respondents. There is no limit to what we will consider customizing to meet our clients' needs.

Computers and Software

G.M.R.S. phone rooms collects data using our own custom cloud based data collection software. Call Center Manager (CCM) controls all predictive dialers. CCM has the ability to pass data elements in the URL to any websurvey package. The network servers consist of several Windows Servers, Linux Servers, and an OSX Server. Our CATI stations all run Microsoft Windows. Nearly all staff and supervisor computers run on the latest Windows 10 Pro. All staff and supervisors have Microsoft Office. Our server's critical data files are automatically backed up daily to multiple locations. Many systems have real-time monitoring software. Our web survey servers are run from a secure data center with 24/7 monitoring.

Buildings and Security

G.M.R.S. servers, staff, supervisors, and interviewer computers are all protected from brownouts and power issues with uninterruptible power supplies (UPS’). The primary location has a 150KW standby backup diesel generator able to provide power during long term power outages. Each server/dialer room has independent cooling systems providing protection for hardware and minimizing the risk of any down time. Buildings are protected by 24/7 monitored alarm systems. Our main location has a video surveillance system monitored by supervisors and by staff. Our other location has a video surveillance system monitored by supervisors.



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